Emotional and Social Intelligence

No matter how advanced we become, two things stay the same - Without the health of the organization, and without the drives of its people to pursue excellence, organization cannot be sustainable.

A leader’s capacity to build high quality and productive relationships - is the key.
It all boils down to the question - "How can I use myself as a leader, and how can I relate to others in a way that foster exceptional long term loyalty and commitment that leads to sustainable performance?"


Feature, Advantage, and Benefit


Learning the essence of Japanese management

Focus on intangible capitals, not only the techniques

Developing an exceptional talent, team, and organization


What is Bushido?

Bushido is the spiritual path and the code of conduct of the Japanese warriors (Samurai).

The path and the spirits are deeply-embedded and are still very much alive in the Japanese culture, rather like the foundations of Japanese morals and discipline.

This spiritual path and code of conduct were handed down orally through generations.

7 Virtues of Bushido